Research data for collections is planned

CCRMagazine and Restons Solicitors are to ask the credit industry’s opinions on the future of data for collections and legal services.

Stephen Kiely, editor of CCRMagazine, said: “The role of data in collections and legal services is fundamental to the success of our industry: it is probably fair to say the industry today would not exist without the developments seen in all of these areas.

“But there will always differences in approach and different attitudes on what works well and how each can be integrated better into the others to bring success for the industry and its customers, so it should be very interesting to where people’s priorities sit and where they feel that they have reached in their journey.

“Such research is hugely important as a tool for information and benchmarking for the industry, so we are delighted to be working with specialist legal services provider, Restons Solicitors to generate exclusive insights and inform the industry.”

  • To fill out the short survey, please go to this link. It should two minutes and, as always, all responses will only be reported as aggregate figures.