Puppet releases free resource to help businesses standardise their operational toolkit

As outlined in the latest 2018 State of DevOps Report, eliminating the one-offs that create management complexity and standardising on the technologies you’ll use in the future are the two necessary first steps to begin a sustainable DevOps journey.

In order to overcome the challenges of reducing variance and building on a common set of technologies, Puppet has released a freely downloadable resource to help businesses simplify and rationalise their IT environment by identifying any potential overlaps between the tools being used today and the ones that will be deployed in the future.

Nigel Kersten, VP Ecosystem Engineering, Puppet commented: “Even though everyone recognises the value of standardisation, often there isn’t one single person in an organisation with the power to enforce a particular standard. As enterprises grow over time, they inevitably add new applications and services, adopt new technology stacks and tools – but still have to deal with legacy applications and systems, increasing the overall complexity of their environment and increasing the operational burden, often with significant duplication of functionality.

“Our State of DevOps Report research has demonstrated that a critical prerequisite to DevOps evolution across a team, department or entire organisation is standardising and normalising the IT environment in order to maximise the benefits of automation and enable easier cross-organisational collaboration. This doesn’t need to start off as an immense project across the whole company, instead we advise starting small with the tools and platforms within your direct purview and progressively consolidating step by step.”