Post MiFID II Financial Platform signs partnership with leading global consultancy ECA Ltd.

ReachX, a leading financial platform re-inventing access to Investment Banking services and research in a post-MiFID II environment, is pleased to announce the signing of a partnership with Economic Consulting Associates Ltd. (ECA).

ECA is a specialised infrastructure economic consultancy advising on economics, market and regulatory issues in the electricity, natural gas and water sectors. Headquartered in London, the firm also has offices in Athens and Berlin and staff members based in Bangkok and Nelson (NZ). ECA’s clients include regulatory authorities, national utilities, governments and infrastructure project developers, investors and lenders. The firm completes well over 60 assignments annually in Europe, Africa and Asia. While ECA’s experience is grounded in the UK markets, the company has prior experience in over 70 countries around the world.

As part of the partnership, ECA will be providing insights and advisors available via ReachX to Institutional Investors including, Family offices, Private Equity firms and Infrastructure funds.

Commenting on signing of the partnership, Rafael S. Lajeunesse, CEO of ReachX, said: “We are very excited to start a partnership with ECA which brings unparalleled expertise in the infrastructure sector” and Fred Berlitz, Managing Partner of ECA mentioned: “ECA is delighted to collaborate with ReachX to build on and expand our commercial service offering to institutional investors in international infrastructure markets.”