Populist Revolt: Brexit is blocking a wall of consumer frustration

Our populist rebellion, whereby voters feel that their actual needs are not being addressed, is being drowned by the political mess at present. There is a mounting proportion of dissatisfied consumers who are supposed to be served by leaders in both the private and public sectors. Whilst politicians are still fighting for votes, power and arguing over who should be leading the country, ultimately there are 14 million of us living in poverty. This gap is yet to be bridged. Those with the power and resources to respond to the voice and needs of the public are failing to do so and this is becoming increasingly apparent. To add to this, our banks and lenders do not protect us. Big lenders are especially crooked and appear to be preying on the poor, who are in need of access to fair and fast finance. We are poorer than ever and now we must question what such civil rest may amount to? The rot in our institutions remains unaddressed. Politicians need to realise that voters are consumers and the needs of the consumers should outweigh any cross that is put on a piece of paper. MPs have responsibility and need to address that now, people are poorer than ever. Living is becoming increasingly difficult. Brexit is blocking rife consumer frustration and there are no tangible measures in place to reassure personal finances.

Executive Chairman and founder of FairMoney Dr Roger Gewolb said: “We need the voices of the people to be represented and there is a gap between MPs and consumers that needs to be bridged. Who is representing the 14 million who are living in poverty and need help now more than ever before? A non-competitive loan market is not providing fair finance for those who desperately need it. We are poorer now than we were years ago. Payday loan providers have their place in society for cash-strapped Brits, but most people have been abandoned by poor lending practices that stem from the financial crash of 2008. We are over a decade on – things need to have changed. Millions of people are being pushed to extortion at the hands of high-interest credit options – one of the biggest atrocities to affect UK society.”