Partnership provides turnkey solutions to sell online, automate payments and ship orders

Fygaro, DHL Express and First Atlantic Commerce (FAC), announce the launch of E-Commerce in a Box—an innovative and comprehensive sales, invoicing, and shipping solution for Caribbean businesses and entrepreneurs.

Fygaro is a full-service platform with over 5,000 users in more than 15 jurisdictions that empowers businesses to send professional invoices, establish online storefronts, accept credit cards through the FAC payment gateway, and ship and track DHL Express packages. Using Fygaro Plus, SMEs can sell online, receive payment, and ship orders with ease, while Fygaro Shops Add-On enables its users to build their own custom web store in minutes.

Joining Fygaro in this new partnership is DHL Express, the world’s leading international express service provider that operates in more 220 countries and territories. DHL Express offers many flexible B2C delivery options that SMEs need to penetrate the global marketplace. Additionally, DHL Express offers 50 years of international expertise, door-to-door time-sensitive international express delivery options–and the informational support, research, and online tools to make shipping easier.

The E-Commerce in a Box solution also enables SMEs to embed payment buttons on their social media (Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp) and to receive those payments in seconds. Users are not required to have any technical knowledge.

“Using the E-Commerce in a Box solution, businesses can create websites, ship internationally, bill, accept payment and track orders in real-time,” said Christine Nashick, CEO Caribbean, DHL Express. “It’s an incredibly innovative turnkey solution that is easy, fast, and secure with automated quoting and shipping via DHL Express. The integration with DHL Express allows businesses to easily export their product to more than 220 countries globally. Using DHL ensures that the final consumer has the best possible delivery experience, encouraging repeat business.”

“The partnership between Fygaro, DHL and First Atlantic Commerce enables entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes and industries to launch a web store, sell online with and without a web store, and send out or automate invoices and payments,” said Ariel Rochwerger, Founder & Co-CEO at Fygaro. “Our combined solution takes away the headache of setting up an e-commerce business.”

Christopher Burns, CEO of FAC, the global online payment gateway added, “We are proud to play a part in this incredibly simple, yet very robust e-commerce solution that is now available across the Caribbean. We have filled a real need for simplified e-commerce solutions in the market.”