OMS hits half a billion lending milestone

One Mortgage System (OMS), the seamless single-input enquiry to completion processing platform for brokers, has achieved half a billion pounds worth of lending for cases completed via OMS.

OMS was officially launched in December 2017 and has not only been the main conduit for this substantial volume of business, but it has also helped broker users to save an average of three hours per application. The main time-saving element includes the pre-population of documents/suitability letters and the ability to input a single set of data to manage, source, place and fully integrate with a raft of lenders.

It has also bolstered its client retention portal in recent weeks through the implementation of live notifications, including product renewal dates.

OMS was the first system to develop a full two-way integration with several specialist lenders. It offers AVMs, changeable workflows, drag and drop facilities, and gives its users access to documentation and application forms for almost 30 different lenders – including live integration with Precise Mortgages, Shawbrook Bank, Together Loans, Kent Reliance, Foundation Home Loans, The Mortgage Lender and Kensington Mortgages.

Neal Jannels, Managing Director of One Mortgage System (OMS), commented: “This marks a significant milestone for us and illustrates the volume of lending we are supporting, the number of intermediary firms – large and small – utilising the system and how many lenders we are now fully integrated with.

“We have come a long way in just over 12 months, but technology never stops. We are constantly working to update and enhance the system to enable users to save even more time so they can concentrate in generating new business and exploring other revenue streams. Integrating the right kind of tools/solutions can help brokers to support and streamline processes, not stifle them, and we look forward to engaging with a greater number of brokers in 2019 to demonstrate this.”