OFSTED report shows Credit Services Association on right track for apprenticeships excellence

The Credit Services Association (CSA), the voice of the UK debt collection and debt purchase sectors, has successfully passed the first important stage on its journey to become the foremost provider for apprenticeships in the collections and compliance space.

An OFSTED report has praised the CSA’s apprenticeship programmes and how they are successfully contributing to the professionalisation of the debt collection and purchase industry. The report also highlights how the CSA is successfully building the capacity of the apprenticeships team with highly qualified and experienced tutors. The CSA can now continue to recruit new apprentices without restriction.

From October 2018, OFSTED undertook to carry out monitoring visits to all newly directly funded providers of apprenticeship training provision. The focus of the monitoring visits is to assess the progress made by providers against a series of targets and criteria including safeguarding and delivering high-quality training.

Fiona Macaskill, Head of Learning and Development at the CSA said: “We are very proud of what we have achieved from a complete standing start 18 months ago. We have a fantastic team of people and apprentices who are making rapid progress in their careers and development.

“The visit helped highlight development areas which we are continuing to work towards and improve, but the report is recognition that we are working well and on track towards our goal.”