New programme reveals the vital role of credit management for SMEs

The Chartered Institute of Credit Management and ITN Productions Industry News launch “Credit Experts”, a news and current affairs-style programme exploring the evolving credit landscape – from new technologies and artificial intelligence solutions for managing customer outcomes to essential guidance for small and medium sized businesses.

Credit affects both businesses and consumers. For businesses, and especially SMEs, access to credit is critical; SMEs contribute more than £200 billion a year, with this number expected to grow almost 20 per cent by 2025 however many SMEs suffer from cash flow volatility. For consumers, the ability to access credit is similarly critical and directly supports economic growth.

“Credit Experts” addresses the latest developments in both commercial and consumer credit. It aims to help SMEs achieve sustainable growth by raising awareness of new innovations and best practice, providing cashflow guidance and highlighting knowledge vital to business success. It helps those involved in consumer credit to learn about the latest thinking in identifying and managing vulnerable customers, showcasing the leading customer focused technology that is changing the face of debt recovery.

In an interview Phillip King, Chief Executive of CICM, explains the Institute’s commitment to equipping professionals for a career in credit management, outlines the help available to small businesses through CICM and highlights the benefits of the CICM membership.

Philip King, Chief Executive of CICM said: “Credit professionals play a vital role in multiple areas of commercial and consumer credit, delivering expert knowledge, advice and services that support economic growth and best client/customer outcomes. ‘Credit Experts’ focuses on some of the most recent examples of best practice and new technology, providing a ‘snapshot’ of an industry that continues to innovate and evolve.”
Vicki Clubley, Interim Head of Industry News, ITN Productions said: “We are delighted to be partnering again with CICM to highlight the importance of good credit management for SMEs. We hope the programme engages members and the wider financial community and encourages opportunities for collaboration and innovation for the future.”