New help for exporters

For a business new to exporting, finding all the information you need can be daunting. A new website, launched by Essex based independent broker EFCIS could help put an end to all the searching.

Devised by EFCIS’ Andy Moylan and developed by him and his team of experienced export advisers, the Export Hub brings together the complex web of export ‘must knows’ into a single accessible portal. The site will feature fresh content each week contributed by key commentators, on all aspects of export activity, from business development to export funding, and including debtor protection and legal guidance. Contributors will share their knowhow and hands-on experience providing support to businesses in developing a successful export strategy.

Speaking about the launch of The Export Hub, Moylan said: “Having reviewed websites aimed at helping UK businesses to export, it became clear that whilst they were helpful, many were dry and the information presented too sketchy to be of any value or too complex to fully understand. I wanted The Export Hub to be different with the emphasis on providing practical information, tips, and great success stories with access to further services if required. Our content will cover all the bases and with fresh input every week, we can remain current. With so much information out there, it’s good to have the inside track and that’s where our expert contributors come in. This includes the Managing Directors of UK and international businesses sharing their export journey in a series of candid interviews including what not to do.”

Regular contributors to the Export Hub will include global brand Atradius which provides trade credit insurance, surety and collections services worldwide through a presence in more than 50 countries around the globe. Moylan continued: “I was delighted when Atradius said they would support The Export Hub through creating an ongoing series of articles sharing their expertise and providing access to their world class Country Risk Reports. They provide the most up to date facts, figures and intelligence on overseas markets that no business can afford to be without. We are confident that with Atradius as a valued and insightful contributor we will accomplish our goal to help companies realise their exporting ambitions.”

It’s estimated that 90% of future growth will be transacted with emerging and challenging markets. UK exporters must ensure they are best placed to take advantage of this growth.

Speaking in support of the launch, Alun Sweeney Regional Director for Atradius UK & Ireland said: “Export business is a traditional area of strength for the UK and despite the current Brexit troubled economic environment, favourable exchange rates continue to stimulate overseas demand. However, for any trade journey, it is important to be fully informed, and to plan for the risks and we are pleased to support the Export Hub which is designed to connect businesses to that all-important level of information. Andy Moylan has assembled a strong list of contributors, including Atradius and we support his ambition to demystify the exporting conundrum.”