New data-driven technology company set to transform the way organisations prevent and reduce debt

Driven by a vision to enable organisations to better understand and support their customers, Connected Data is an innovative new company that will transform an organisation’s debt and customer management processes, significantly simplify the deployment of predictive data and remove ‘data noise’.

It has been set up by a passionate team of debt analytics, business intelligence and data enablement experts, who strongly believe that debt can be prevented and reduced across any organisation.

Connected Data blends the latest business intelligence, analytics and artificial intelligence capability with the widest range of predictive data solutions. Combining these with a highly secure and scalable AWS environment, deep debt analytics expertise and a proprietary data fabric, Connected Data brings a powerful new approach that can be implemented easily and instantly elevates an organisation’s insight across its debt and customer management processes.

Kirk Fletcher, CEO of Connected Data, says: “In our experience working with hundreds of debt portfolios, we recognised that more effective treatment paths could have been applied to significant elements of those portfolios with more effective data enablement. Connected Data delivers this data enablement for organisations with minimal impact on internal resources.”

Debt reduction, prevention and the fair treatment of customers has never been more relevant than now, so Connected Data has partnered with eight of the UK’s leading data solutions providers, with further partnerships under development, to truly data enable debt management processes.

Kirk continues: “Our partners have also been committed to addressing the issue of debt and we are excited about the impact our combined efforts will have on the ability to prevent and reduce debt. We’d like to thank them for their support over the last 12 months of development.

“Our work will enable organisations to reduce debt and ensure fairer, more appropriate treatments are put in place for their customers at the right time. They will be able to do this in a faster, easier, more effective approach than the market has seen before. We are already engaged with several key players in energy, water and financial services, who are seeing significant business improvements. As such, we have exciting recruitment plans to support our growth this year and will be announcing these soon.”

Connected Data is also pleased to announce the appointment of Gary Wood – former Managing Director of Decision Analytics, Experian UK&I – and Adrian Crean – Chair of Facit Data Systems and former CEO of the debt market integrator, Indesser – as non-Executive Directors and strategic advisers.