New book “Winning Big” will help businesses leave competition out in the cold when it comes to bids

Businesses looking to win big when it comes to RFPs and bids today have a new weapon in their arsenal as the CEO and co-founder of one of the UK’s top bid consultancies launched ‘Winning Big’, a new book that sets out a step-by-step masterplan.

‘Winning Big’ – which is on sale now – encapsulates Shine Bid Services’ methodology which focuses on crucial activities that make the difference in bid winning. The book works at any value level or sector and is made up of five key parts: The Bidding Landscape, The Winning Mindset, Get Fit To Fight, The ShineBid Winning Masterplan™, and a section of downloadable resources, guides and eBooks to support the reader.

Author and Shine Bid Services CEO and co-founder Anne McNamara has more than 20 years’ experience of leading and contributing to more than a billion pounds worth of bid wins. She has used this ground-up experience to develop clear strategies to ensure delivery of business-focused, practical and sustainable results.

“Getting your hands on an RFP can change your business and I want to help growing companies grow even more,” said McNamara. “Bidding is about putting the best of your company into a written format which focuses on what your buyer wants and not only doing it consistently, but doing it really well. At Shine Bid, we have a win rate of 80% and ‘Winning Big’ highlights all the tricks of the trade, how to apply them into the bidding process, and ultimately get an advantage over your competition and increase your win rate.”

The ShineBid Winning Masterplan™ is a key element of ‘Winning Big’ and has been culminated through an iterative process of creating, doing, failing, starting again, refining testing, championing, and reviewing. The full masterplan is an effective 10 step process that clearly defines every stage of the bidding process from gathering the intelligence to create a strategy, the design and branding of a bid, managing the writing process, to the final bid submission.

Shine Bid Services is committed to education and employment for young people and in particular, girls at home and abroad. Its goal is to support a thousand young people around the world and $5 from every print version of ‘Winning Big’ will go to the Islamic Relief Fund and Compassion International.

“Anne McNamara and the team at Shine have developed and perfected a process that consistently enables you to win 80% of the business you go after,” said Sheldon Harris, Partner at CEO Coaching International. “The system is being used by firms around the world to drive extraordinary success regardless of the industry or sector they are in. If you want your firm to experience winning results like this, then this is the book for you.”