New book to help small business owners navigate the current COVID-19 Crisis.

We are now entering a recession predicted to be twice as severe as the 2008 financial crash and as deep as the great depression of the 1930s. The economy is set to shrink by up to a third, so businesses are, not unsurprisingly, delaying non-essential purchases. With the crisis taking hold, consumer confidence and spending on some discretionary items have fallen to near zero.

In the current climate, there is simply less business out there for all. No one knows what will happen next and this proves to be a very uncertain future for many small business owners. There are, however, still ways to survive and even thrive as Groupon proved — when they launched during the last recession.

Fellow of the Institute of Sales Management, qualified sales coach, public speaker and founder of PDT Sales Consultancy, Paul Durrant, has launched his maiden novel to help UK business owners adopt a more creative mindset and survive their first crucial years of trading: or find ways to pivot their business model, during these more challenging times.

Durrant said: “Lack of sales is one of the main reasons for the UK’s relatively high mortality rate — but this is no surprise given that many business owners have limited sales experience. Many small business owners also struggle with the creative element of keeping a business viable and relevant, which is crucial for surviving harder times. Helping struggling small businesses to be both more entrepreneurial and sales-savvy is more important than ever for the future of the UK’s national prosperity and our place on the world stage.”

Durrant’s first novel, entitled ‘Entrepreneurial Sales’, is self published and leverages his thirty years of sales experience (selling through two previous recessions), to offer a practical guide to new and existing business owners; aimed at helping people manage business ownership, navigate everyday entrepreneurial challenges and increase their sales.

The book also features first hand case studies and interviews from the likes of Enterprise Nation founder Emma Jones MBE, serial entrepreneur Brett Akker (founder of Streetcar and LOVESPACE) and published author, motivational speaker and performance coach Robin Sieger, formerly with ITV and the BBC.

Emma Jones MBE said: “[These are] full top tips from someone who’s been there and done it. Keep this with you as your sales guide to success.”