ndgit and WebID partner for building digital financial ecosystems

ndgit, Europe’s leading provider for open finance platforms for banks and insurance companies, has gained WebID, a pioneer in online identification, as a strategic partner. “With WebID, we can offer our customers of our open finance platform another innovative service: online identification in compliance with money laundering laws,” says Oliver Dlugosch, CEO and co-founder of ndgit. “As a result, an important security-relevant step, for example for bank customers, will be much easier and faster in the future. Providers such as banks, insurance companies or digital platform companies will increase the security of their digital identification processes – at significantly lower cost and in less time”.

WebID’s solutions can be integrated into the existing systems of financial service providers or digital companies via ndgit’s digital API management platform and expand the range of innovative fintech solutions on the ndgit open banking platform. Fintech services can easily be connected to secure core banking systems via ndgit’s flexible open banking platform, combined with each other and scaled as required. “The connection via our scalable open-banking API platform thus offers a clear and measurable added value compared to the separate connection of individual financial solutions to core banking systems or digital platforms,” explains Dlugosch.

WebID has set standards in the area of innovative identification procedures and stands for continuous innovation, most recently in 2020 with the invention of an identification system for online banking in compliance with money laundering laws, legally compliant online contracts or digital know-your-customer (KYC) processes. With 18 million transactions to date, WebID is one of the largest providers of identification services in Europe.

“Open APIs have laid the foundation for new, connected offerings from financial service providers and will create completely new digital ecosystems in the near future,” says Oliver Dlugosch. “As a leading platform provider, we want to provide the most secure, cost-effective and easily scalable technical solution. Our fintech partners enrich the digital ecosystems of our bank customers with their respective solutions. WebID offers a good example for this – with extremely interesting services for financial service providers such as online identification, digital contracts or know-your-customer (KYC) processes”.

Frank Jorga, CEO and founder of WebID adds: “Our products are an important component in the digital transformation of our economy: only absolutely secure digital identification of customers enables online business. ndgit’s open finance platform provides banks and insurance companies with an attractive portfolio for the fast and secure introduction of API applications for the digitalization of all their processes. We are pleased about the new partnership and the networking with other financial service providers. All parties involved will benefit from this offer – first and foremost, of course, the customers of banks, insurance companies or online shops, who will find it much easier to identify themselves for their online transactions”.