MyPeople Group Launches New Employee Profiling Service

MyPeople Group, a leading provider of cloud-based employee performance management and engagement analytics solutions, has launched a new profiling service. Developed by the same analytics team that helped GB cycling, GB rowing and England Rugby to achieve outstanding success through the aggregation of marginal gains, MyPeople’s profiling service applies the same proven principles to the use of scientific data to achieve comparable results in business. It provides organisations with unique levels of insight into cultural and team dynamics, including the personality types and characteristics of high performing teams and individual employees that support improved business performance.

According to Christian Hughes, CEO of MyPeople Group: “Our new profiling service will deliver significant benefits to organisations of every size by giving them a clearer idea of the capabilities of their employees and what makes them tick. It provides quantitative and factual performance management data that enables managers to make the right decisions.”

The MyPeople profiling service uses the latest email survey techniques to capture data relating to employee engagement, mood and personality. They are quick and easy to complete in less than five minutes. Daily mood surveys are also conducted using a mobile app to determine how employees feel about the organisation and the people they work with. This data is then used by MyPeople to profile individual and team dynamics and highlights any area where any disconnects may be adversely affecting organisational performance.

MyPeople Group provides this profiling service as a complete managed service and generates detailed reports giving real-time insight into the individual performance of employees and teams. This helps organisations to substantiate decision-making processes regarding training requirements, team assignments and promotions.