Motor lender empowers customers with new online portal

Car-buying customers of Specialist Motor Finance (SMF) are now being put in the driving seat when it comes to managing their repayments and getting help from the company.

Shortly, every borrower will be able to go online to view an up-to-the second profile of their account, propose adjustments to their payment plan, and access customer support facilities.

The self-service portal, says SMF, will be especially welcomed by those who dislike engaging in phone conversations, or who find unsocial hours a better time to manage their affairs.

The facility is just one facet of an innovative new customer relations management tool in which the company has invested for its Chester headquarters.

Designed in collaboration with financial software specialist Genius, the system will fully automate the management of SMF’s loan portfolio and ensure that customers’ best interests are safeguarded.

For example, says SMF managing director David Challinor, it will provide an early warning about any borrower to whom the company should be reaching out to offer assistance.

The system will also create an ever-evolving profile of every individual customer and all their dealings with SMF, and ensure that each receives a consistently equal level of attention: “We are delighted that the hard work put in by Genius and our own technical team has resulted in a highly efficient means of providing the best possible support to borrowers,” said Mr Challinor.

“As well as maintaining close vigilance of every individual’s situation, we are also empowering customers to take greater control of their relationship with us,” he added.

Managing the integration of SMF’s systems with the customer relations management software developed by Genius was the company’s solutions architect Barry Crawford: “This was a very exciting bespoke project which has resulted in tangible benefits for both SMF and its customers, and ensures that both parties stay in full control at all times,” he said.

“Features in the system such as diallers, payment processing, screen and call recording, and mobile apps all work seamlessly together and log activity automatically on each borrower’s profile.

“At the bottom line will be the knowledge every loan account is being constantly monitored, and that extra time is being created for staff to deal with customers in need,” said Mr Crawford.

SMF provides motor finance via brokers and car dealers, and bases its decisions on how an applicant is likely to conduct themselves in the future, rather than on what has happened in their past.