More than half (54%) of business owners have been impacted by Brexit uncertainty in 2019

Brexit uncertainty is taking its toll across the UK, with more than half (54%) of SME owners stating that the ongoing process is impacting how they run their business.

According to research released today from Nucleus Commercial Finance, one in five (18%) owners said they have become more uncertain about making business decisions, while a further 16% have written off having a successful business year in 2019

11% have put off future planning and strategy development as a result of lack of political clarity
9% have spent less time focusing on their business this year due to Brexit

This uncertainty is being felt across all UK regions.

Chirag Shah, chief executive officer, Nucleus Commercial Finance, said: “The last three years of ongoing uncertainty around Brexit has clearly had a negative effect on small businesses across the UK. It’s particularly alarming that a significant amount of SME owners have now put future planning and strategy development on hold. SMEs need to invest in their future to stay ahead of the curve, however today’s political and economic environment is not providing business owners with the confidence to do this.”