MindFolio launches Locilab

MindFolio, an analytics and innovation consultancy for the global real estate market, has today announced the launch of LociLab; a bespoke community engagement platform, which provides deep consumer insights to shape the development of the public realm.

Through an online community, LociLab engages users in the early stages of planning, obtaining local public opinion via daily polls, topical discussion on message boards and integrated surveys, to provide a deeper, and often unexpected, understanding of consumer demographics and psychographics. The data is carefully considered by MindFolio’s analysts to provide its public sector clients with a unique insight into the needs, aspirations and challenges of their local community, to inform and shape the neighbouring environment.

Accessible throughout the development process, LociLab demonstrates a long-term commitment to public sector development and delivers sustained economic, environmental and social value through an online community that fosters continuous collaboration and dialogue.

Working with local authorities, councils, developers and landowners, MindFolio provides data intelligence to achieve optimum planning outcomes, ensuring that public developments are purposeful, efficient and future-proofed. Operating globally, MindFolio identifies and validates opportunities to transform environments, enhance the future user experience and build social cohesion.

MindFolio has influenced and informed some of the world’s most ambitious retail, leisure, mixed-use and urban developments, and master-planned communities including; the regeneration of Birmingham City Centre, the redevelopment vision for Westgate Oxford and the world’s first walkable mixed-use city centre in Dubai.

Karl Kalcher, Managing Director of MindFolio commented: “We are delighted to announce the launch of LociLab – a community platform, hosted digitally, which responds to a pressing need for increased, data-centric public consultation throughout the planning process. The platform ‘gives voice’ to the local community, whilst providing profound insights to local government commissioners.

“Our aim is to help our public sector clients build environments that stimulate and shape strong communities and have at their heart a profound sense of place and purpose.”