• Interesting article on the CofE seeking statutory protection for its Cathedral estate, from creditors. It will be interesting to see how this develops and whether other religions state they should also obtain protection. Is this protecting religious buildings, or assets which are of national…[Read more]

  • The prospect of preparing and submitting an FCA application and the numerous challenges this poses can be overwhelming. Things can quickly become disorganised if the right individuals aren’t effectively engaged and a good degree of project discipline isn’t maintained for the duration. In this article I’ve set out 10 key milestones to FCA Aut…[Read more]

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    As part of the PSD2/SCA regulation, from September 2019 it will be mandatory for all organisations to implement SCA as a standard security measure for all digital payments to help tackle fraud.

    This will have a huge impact on customers If it is not implemented with customer experience in mind.

    Think about what the customer journey looks like…[Read more]

  • reading up on factoring while thinking about a research project in this interesting area. What do people think about it?

  • Looking forward to hosting our service partners here in the south at Samsung House for our Customer Experience and Finance Workshop tomorrow, we had a really productive day in Manchester last week and we have received some great feedback! Thank you to everyone who attended and a big welcome to those of you joining us tomorrow!

  • Collected €12,361 for a German client from an Irish company. Was over 12 months old and debtor had little intention of ever paying.
    Client ecstatic and we are quietly satisfied with ourselves

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  • Peachy.co.uk is turning 7 today. I would like to than everyone who has been a part of this challenging journey!

  • Dropping in to say Hi…

  • Brexit Debate
    It’s disappointing to hear today that one of the major movers on the ‘out’ side of the debate broke the financial rules. Notwithstanding that it would be interesting to hear from any leavers if they had, prior to the vote, given any consideration to the customs and border issues that will enevitably result. Clearly we cannot have…[Read more]

  • Dear all meeting up with House of Fraser a meeting with all creditors. I am holding thumbs that CVA goes accordingly, think the landlords will compromise but it is the Petition of Court which is instigated by Sports Direct that I am concerned about. currently they have a “Shareholder Dispute” Currently we are listed as one of the creditors and…[Read more]

    • I will be attending the Creditors Meeting tomorrow at KPMG offices Great Queens Street. If you require any Information please do not hesitate to contact me.