• Joseph posted an update 3 months, 1 week ago

    As part of the PSD2/SCA regulation, from September 2019 it will be mandatory for all organisations to implement SCA as a standard security measure for all digital payments to help tackle fraud.

    This will have a huge impact on customers If it is not implemented with customer experience in mind.

    Think about what the customer journey looks like and how you can add additional security measures whilst maintaining a friction free experience.

    Using SMS, automated voice for OTP’s and the mobile app for bio-metrics, you can automate an intelligent strategy in real-time to strongly authenticate whilst providing a good customer experience.

    What would you do if it was identified that there had been a recent sim swap on the mobile device and the mobile app had been downloaded in the last few hours….This makes it a fraud risk to send an OTP through these channels…I suspect a customer is only going to spend a small amount of time before they become frustrated with the process and change their mind about the payment…Have you got a strategy for this?

    This is something that can be easily resolved with an Enterprise communications platform.