• Graeme Davy posted an update 3 months ago

    I wrote an article a few years ago on Orders for Sale, following the grant of a Charging Order., which is still relevant today https://www.gordonsllp.com/an-opportunity-to-recover-that-old-debt/

    They are still very uncommon. We do a handful year and have a couple on at the moment.

    Creditors generally are reluctant to apply for an order for sale given the potential impact, especially if the property is residential. Most of the Orders for Sale cases I deal with are 5/6 figure debts where the property is either commercial or £1m+ valued residential.

    Does anybody know where I’d find some up to date national stats as they don’t seem to be published anymore. The last figures I have are for 2013 when there were 222 orders nationwide?

    Also, how do people feel about going down this route?