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Atul Vadher FCICM(Grad), MIEx

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Driven, competent, and accomplished Credit Manager with 29 years of experience within the industry. Skills include Risk assessment, analytics, Credit Management and direct negotiations with clients and service providers. Expertise in “Order to Cash” processes whilst ensuring good business practice and communication with external departments.

Career History

International Credit Manager
Company Name French Connection
Dates Employed May 1997 – Jan 2018
Employment Duration 20 yrs 9 mos

International Credit Manager heading a team of 3, order to cash process.

* Directly managing a portfolio of Blue chip clients UK, EMEA.

* Risk assessment and authorising Credit facilities for new and existing clients.

* Billing process evaluation for quality and accuracy, in line with international Vat regulations.

* Coaching and team development with regular training programs.

* Chairing weekly meetings with Distribution manager, evaluating clients and processes.

* Client account reviews of outstanding/ overdue debts.

* Review of cash received against forecast expected.

* Delivery of group KPI’s on Debtors analysis, cash forecast, bad debt and credit provisions.

* Developing and monitoring the Query system.

* Sales team meetings, with a strategy of forward planning partnerships and free flow of data.

* Analysing the DSO, and reducing elements that are within the departments control.

* Developing and enhancing the cash forecast model, taking into account environmental and market forces.

* Working with the external audit team with full and interim Debtors audit requirements.

* Contracting with trade credit insurers as to policy and price, while ensuring declarations, notification, and claims are met.

* Negotiating contracts with data providers.

* Managing legal accounts with external lawyers and debt collection agencies.

* Reviewing and enhancing the corporate Credit policy and process.

* Understanding Blue Chip clients, order processed, then developing internal systems to avoid payment issues.

* Reviewing customers purchase order requirement, and terms and conditions prior to contractual go live.

* Returns process management to credit customers, with speed and accuracy.

* Attending management meetings with other heads of departments for strategic planning and updates.

* SAP super user, for implementation and developments.

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Credit Manager
Company Name You Must Create
Dates Employed 2008 – 2018
Employment Duration 10 yrs

Having added YMC Ltd with it’s global customer base (EMEA, USA and Canada) to the French Connection group portfolio I was appointed to help turnaround the business, I developed and instigated the following:-

* Full data evaluation and cleansing of take on clients.

* Targeted strategies on collection of all 90 day plus debt, while ensuring no overdue debt are in controlled status.

* Review of all processes, developing and introducing Account Review policy, Credit management structure, Credit policy, purchase order terms and conditions review, Credit limit and risk assessment process.

* Building business partnerships with clients, using the most effective bespoke methods.

* Using Credit effectively to promoting a culture of profitable sales where margin is key, as well as identifying sales opportunities with a bespoke credit period.

* Returns policy, to ensure credit notes are processed quickly and accurately, for both accounting and customer relations.

* Sales, Distribution and finance, strategies with pre/post delivery strategies.

* Reporting strategies of Debtors, Bad Debts, Credit Provision, DSO and Risk/Credit line recommendations with Sales and Finance Directors.

* Risk assessments on prospective clients.


Credit and Collections Supervisor, Major Accounts Controller, Credit Controller and Sales Ledger Con
Company Name French Connection
Dates Employed Feb 1989 – May 1997
Employment Duration 8 yrs 4 mos

Credit and Collections Supervisor

I managed a team of 3 collectors and 2 sales ledger clerks, reporting to the Group Credit Manager.

* My tasks included,

– debtors analytics and Risk assessments.

– Portfolio of blue chip clients.

– Debtors and Stop-list reviews.

– Coaching and development.

Major Accounts Controller

In this role I managed a portfolio of the all department store and major clients, the 2% customers that make up 60% of all debt outstanding, my tasks included:-

* Query and Deduction resolutions.

* Purchase order review.

* Debt management of all invoices.

* Quality of billing invoices to avoid disputes and delays.

* Relationship building and quarterly meeting with the customer.

* All conventional Credit and account management techniques.

Credit Controller.

In this role, I had a portfolio of client, which I dealt with as first port of contact, my roles included.

* Pre-assessment of terms and limit.

* Negotiating payments by mail, letter, phone and visits.

* Query management and resolution, with internal meetings.

* Bank reconciliations.

* Discount/ Credit note management, ensuring the correct amount has been deducted.

Sales Ledger Controller

Within this role, I was responsible for all receipts, allocations of and Credit notes.

* Identifying all payments.

* posting correctly, and identifying any issues for the Credit Controllers.

* Customers folder management.

* Reporting all receipts of management accounts and Credit Controller.

* Raising query notifications for deductions.

Company Name Self-Employed
Dates Employed Jun 1985 – Feb 1989
Employment Duration 3 yrs 9 mos

Having worked in the family business I decided to set up my own enterprise, of manufacturing shoe uppers.As a unit based business it is vital that both quality and speed is paramount as both would cost the business dearly financially.

The role included.

* Sourcing a business partner who would complete the full shoe component.

* Assembling the shoe components to make the upper.

* holding the correct stock level of components.

* Keeping correct financial data to trial balance.

* Ensuring quality is not compromised at the cost of speed.

* Delivering the upper to the factory within deadline period, (working from 6 am to 11 pm was not unusual in peak times)


Company Name Cranham Footwear
Dates Employed Jun 1984 – May 1985
Employment Duration1 yr

This was a family business with my father, Selling shoes, accessories, and shoe repairs.

Education & Qualifications

Company Name Havering Sixth Form College
Dates volunteered Dec 2016 – Present
Volunteer duration 1 yr 9 mos

I am a Parent Governor on the Audit Committee, this is a 2 year appointment that ends September 2018.


Vice Chair East of England Branch
Company Name Chartered Institute of Credit Management (CICM)
Dates volunteered Jan 2018 – Present
Volunteer duration 8 mos

Having been on the committee for 4 years as New Members coordinate, I was privileged of have been nominated and appointed as the Vice Chair of the Branch.


Company Name Chartered Institute of Credit Management (CICM)
Dates volunteered Jan 2018 – Present
Volunteer duration 8 mos

I am an appointed membership assessor for the CICM.