MCI extends free CRM with AML and credit searches

The MCI Club, with funding from the Financial Services Tech Task Force, has extended the free eKeeper Lite CRM to perform Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checks and obtain consumer credit reports, powered by Experian.

The mortgage club is providing the tool to any registered UK intermediary business, regardless of whether they are Directly Authorised, part of a network or the club. Through the tool, the simplified client and case management, which includes document storage, integrated Uinsure protection sourcing and Optimus dynamic conveyancing panel management, has been extended with the AML and credit report functionality.

Currently brokers are reliant on the customer providing a credit report, which causes unnecessary delay into the advice process. By entering details about the client, including the last three years of address history, and confirming that appropriate client consent has been given, the AML search and credit report can be obtained in seconds and stored in the system for review.

The mortgage club believes that the enhancement is extremely timely as the realities of home working mean advisers require functionality to operate remotely and in circumstances where face-to-face interaction is not possible.

Supplied by the eKeeper Group, the tool is a lightweight version of its full CRM system where all users benefit from the stable, secure, cloud-based data and file storage. Existing customers of the eKeeper CRM have access to AML checks and consumer credit reports as well as the other features of the CRM.

Phil Whitehouse, head of The MCI Club, commented that “The MCI Club continues to deliver value and capability to the intermediary sector. Here we are providing a much-needed tool into the hands of every adviser in the UK, regardless of their current technology or registration status. Far too often we hear about advisers being caught out by not having the right information at the right time. Through this tool, advisers can now access AML and credit report data to continue delivering great service and customer outcomes.”

David Bennett, Commercial Director of the eKeeper Group, confirmed that “This is another first for the mortgage intermediary market in unprecedented circumstances. Our partnership with Experian is allowing us to deliver a technology solution for the benefit of the UK financial services space.

“A credit report is an invaluable resource that, in most cases, the broker is reliant on the client obtaining and sharing in a timely manner. By placing control into the hands of the broker, we reduce the time taken to effectively service a client using the best and most reliable information available.”