MCI Club offers free CRM system to help brokers

The MCI mortgage club has announced the early release of their free Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, eKeeper Lite, to help advisers to work effectively during the Corona Virus outbreak. The tool is free to all UK mortgage brokers and features core functionality such as client and case management, case notes, address book and full document storage, all at no cost.

The MCI Club is hoping that early release of the cloud-based eKeeper Lite CRM can quickly support brokers who need a CRM solution while working remotely and who are legitimately concerned over how to effectively servicing their clients over the next three months and beyond.

MCI Club is, remarkably, also making eKeeper Lite available to non-MCI club members.

Following feedback from brokers, the MCI Club felt the need to accelerate plans to release the free CRM and ensure the stability of the intermediary market.

David Bennett, Commercial Director of eKeeper, which has been developing eKeeper Lite for the MCI Club, commented that, “The club is looking to provide the reassurance and the tooling to help mortgage brokers during this challenging time. Now, more than ever, is the time for brokers to understand their client bank and structure their approach going forwards.”

Bennett continued, “It has been a challenge for the team to accelerate the launch of eKeeper Lite but we feel that the intermediary market will find significant value in it, especially at this crucial time when most mortgage brokers need to work remotely from both their colleagues and their clients. We will also be announcing further functionality into eKeeper Lite that will provide comprehensive product coverage to allow brokers to service their clients even more easily. “