“Let’s move beyond Brexit and focus on the real priorities of businesses across the country,” says Forum of Private Business

Investment is on hold, and no one is taking risks in the current environment, because Brexit uncertainty has stifled businesses, according to leading business support organisation the FPB (Forum of the Private Business).

The Forum’s comments came in advance of this week’s manifesto launches, and as the organisation prepares to launch its key campaigns for 2020.

Ian Cass, Chief Executive of the Forum, “Our members are telling us that Brexit uncertainty has held them back from taking important investment decisions and they want the government, whoever that will be after 12 December, to focus on domestic policies to support them.

“The recent delay from 31 October has made things worse as well because the government held lots of seminars and events designed to prepare businesses for an exit on that date.”

As part of the new focus the Forum wants from the government, it is launching its election ‘wish list’, which will align to its 2020 campaign priorities.

Ian Cass added: “We need the government to look beyond Brexit, and move onto domestic issues to solve the real problems affecting business, so we hope the government takes heed of our wish list.

“Our challenge to all the parties is this: Can they get their small business manifesto onto one sheet of A4, telling small business in a clear and simple fashion what benefits the biggest contributors to the UK economy are going to see if we vote for them?”