Leading Debt Recovery Company’s Gold Award

A world-leading debt recovery agency based in North Wales is delighted to retain its prestigious Investors In People (IIP) Advanced Gold Award until 2021.

CCI Credit Management Ltd (CCICM) was re-accredited with the award – for best practice in managing staff, performance, and its business – after assessors stated in their report that it is still seen as the ‘go-to company in debt collection’ since its first IIP recognition in 2015.

Making the award, the IIP assessor said: “CCICM continues to grow and prosper as a result of dynamic leadership and engaged and committed employees. It has grown year-on-year and is commended for its approach to learning, developing, continuous improvement, and investing in people.

“This is an organisation which is well structured, driven by excellence in customer service and quality, and which adopts best practice in how people are led, managed and developed. By any measure, it is successful and evidence was seen of consistent, ongoing, performance improvements. People describe CCICM as a happy, friendly and very professional organisation,” the assessor added.

Many changes and improvements were listed by the assessor, but notably:

  • Embedding ISO 9001:2015 (quality management) and 27001 (data security), and the introduction of Kaizen continuous improvement meetings.
  • A focus on higher-value accounts, continuing to grow worldwide with a focus on China.
  • Re-branding and improvements to marketing and communication.
  • State-of-the-nation updates on the current long-term business strategy, including values, vision, mission, and core objectives to all employees.
  • Engaging Chwarae Teg training, and creating an in-depth skills development strategy.
  • Developing an innovative approach to recognition and reward where ‘gamification’ awards points to individuals/teams for high performance which can be traded for time off or bonuses etc.

From CCICM’s head office near Porthmadog in Gwynedd, it recovers debts of hundreds of millions for its UK and global clients. These include multi-nationals, lenders, governments and their departments, major health, social care and Higher Education bodies, public utilities, and many SMB/Es.

It is also the founder of International Credit Exchange (ICE), the world’s leading, largest, and most regulatory-compliant partnership of debt recovery and trace agents in 130 countries.

A CCICM director, Mr Carl Hackman, says: “Naturally we are delighted to be re-certified with IIP’s Gold award which recognises the best-practice standards we insist upon at all times for ourselves, our clients, and their customers around the world.

“Since 2015 we have: continued to evolve our human resources management, systems, and recruitment; improved our industry compliance with ISO re-certifications including National Health Service and General Data Protection Regulation; and established the ICE Partnership.

“Most recently we have re-focussed on a few key tasks to consolidate our success. Our values, vision, mission, and core objectives unite us. Ongoing excellence in Kaizen practice brings positive and incremental changes. Gamification rewards those who ‘go beyond’ to exceed clients’ expectations. This has all resulted in us feeling more dynamic, positive, passionate, and excited for the future,” adds Mr Hackman.

In conclusion, the IIP assessor notes CCICMs financial strength and ambitions for growth.

“The business plan includes long-term strategy and expansion plans. The organisation has a clear idea of its potential clientele, global reach, size, and scale. Business is won through strong professional networks, the credibility of its leaders in legal and debt collections, and through tendering and referrals.

“The CCICM model is ready to support sustainable growth, and as new projects are taken on, the systems and resources are in place to populate them so that flexibility and adaptability can be maintained as the business grows,” the assessor concludes.