Just Mortgages trains brokers to provide business protection advice

Leading national broker firm, Just Mortgages is training its advisers to offer expert business protection advice. Twelve advisers have completed the course already, and the firm will conduct regular inductions across 2022.

Self-employed advisers from both Just Mortgages and sister-wealth advice firm, Just Wealth, attended the two-day course. The course trained them in both the mechanics of business protection and how to approach clients to have these conversations.

Some advisers have been reluctant to advise on business protection, so part of the course was dedicated to building the advisers’ confidence. There is a significant financial opportunity for those who advise on business protection, as the average case size is £6,500.

Designed by Sian Musial, training manager at Just Mortgages, the course helps advisers approach the subject of business protection with their business-owner clients. She explained: “Business protection is an essential, yet under-used aspect of running a business. Part of the reason for this is because advisers can find these conversations difficult to approach.

“As the adviser, you are moving from the living room to the boardroom. This can be a difficult transition and the way advisers approach the client also needs to be different.

“By giving our advisers the tools they need, they can feel confident having these conversations with their clients who own businesses.

“These courses are the latest benefit for our advisers, and we will continue to offer them to all other advisers who want to improve their advice.”

Business protection products range from key person insurance, where an individual invaluable to the business’ operation is insured. Shareholder protection, where a business owner’s partner gets money not shares if they pass away, and loan insurance, where a business borrows money from a bank and the lender asks it to take out insurance on the loan.

Just Mortgages excels at training brokers on selling protection products to clients, and this latest move will help the advisers to excel at expertly advising on why the business needs protection and what the best product is.

Expert business protection advice is in great need in the UK, with just 0.2 percent of the UK’s SMEs taking out a business protection policy in 2020, according to the latest Swiss Re data.