Just Mortgages targets £1m increase in remortgage business through boost to client services

Just Mortgages has boosted its client services team to drive increased remortgage and protection business for its brokers. The team, headed up by Operations Manager Jessica Brome, is targeting an increase in sales of nearly 60 per cent, from £1.7 million in 2019 to £2.7 million this year.

The client services team ensures that Just Mortgages stays in regular contact with customers once they have got the keys to their new home, providing them with any post-sale support they need.

The team contacts every Just Mortgages customer when their product rate is approaching expiry to book an appointment to meet and discuss their mortgage options.

Wherever possible meetings are face to face, and with the original broker who worked with the clients initially. If that broker has moved on, customers are offered an appointment with another Just Mortgages broker.

This also provides an opportunity for the broker to revisit the customer’s protection needs, which can often change during the term of a mortgage.

The Client Services Team manage all of the client contact and appointment booking. This ensures that brokers get as much remortgage business as possible from their existing client base, while also leaving them free to drive new business.

The ambitious target the team has set itself involves converting nearly half (45 per cent) of all potential remortgage business.

Jessica Brome, Operations Manager for Just Mortgages, commented: “We want to build lasting relationships with clients, to provide them with a five-star service and also to help our brokers drive value for themselves and for the business as a whole.

“By maintaining post-sale contact with clients, we are able to offer them continuity of service. Our aim is to build on and maintain this relationship for as long as the client needs a mortgage.”