Just Mortgages self-employed advisers grow their own businesses

Just Mortgages’ self-employed division has seen several of its advisers expand their own businesses and take on new staff, showing the success of the self-employed model, according to director Carl Parker.

October was the best ever month for recruitment into the self-employed division, with twenty new advisers joining the team. There are now 230 brokers in the Just Mortgages self-employed division and Parker expects that to have reached 250 by the end of the year.

Significantly, businesses within the self-employed division are now themselves starting to expand, with fifteen firms taking on new staff in recent months.

Angel & Allsop Financial Services in south-east Kent has recruited two additional brokers into its all-female team, with plans for further expansion in coming years. Co-founder Emma Angel says going self-employed and joining up with Just Mortgages is “the best thing we’ve ever done” and “we wish we’d done it sooner”.

“I really value the support Just Mortgages has given us growing the business,” says Emma. “Having their guidance and the constant communication with the team has made it all possible. They are unparalleled in what they do.”

Joe Childes, co-founder of Right Choice Mortgages in south Yorkshire, agrees: “I can’t see why a broker would go with anybody other than Just Mortgages,” he says. When Joe and his business partner Richard Thompson took the decision to go self-employed, “Just Mortgages backed us every step of the way.” The firm has now taken on an additional new broker and an office manager to support the development of the business.

The Mortgage Branch, based in Cheltenham is set to take on its sixth broker in December, with Just Mortgages providing support in the recruitment process. The business also employs two support staff. Co-founder Miles Wallace says, “With Just Mortgages you get to be part of a team, but you’re still free to develop the business as an individual broker: they provide a very strong template and then give you the freedom to build on that in our own way.”

Parker claims the self-employed division’s success is down to the fact it offers the best of both worlds: “Brokers are self-employed and therefore in control of their own destiny,” he says, “but they have a dedicated sales manager to help and support them. The fact that so many are now taking on new advisers into their business shows that this approach can really pay dividends.

“Brokers get the backup they need, including help with advertising and recruiting for new staff, but can still get the satisfaction and sense of achievement that comes from growing your own business. It’s great to be able to help make this happen.”