John Phillips Just Mortgages on the Brexit vote last night

Commenting on the fact Theresa may’s Brexit deal was voted down by MPs last night, John Phillips, operations manager at Just Mortgages and Spicerhaart said: “Last night’s historic defeat shows that despite two years of negotiations we are no further on than we were after the Brexit vote. Brexit has split the country, but one thing most people are agreed on is that our MPs have let us down and we are in danger of switching off completely about the whole issue.

“If Theresa May (or her successor if the Government is voted out following today’s vote of no confidence) doesn’t get an extension to article 50 – or manage to negotiate a deal that does go through parliament – then we will leave the EU without a deal on March 29. But I refuse to be all doom and gloom about it because negative predictions can be damaging and I genuinely don’t think Brexit will be the disaster everyone says it will. The UK business market is resilient and always finds a solution to whatever is thrown at it and once we are past March 29 – whether we have a deal or not – I think things will start to improve because some of that uncertainty will be removed, giving people a better idea of what the future holds.”