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Tuesday, 03 April 2018
The modern smartphone is more powerful than the computer used by NASA during the Apollo mission, so we often read, and actually, there wasn't just one computer, there were four, so why does the level of showroom technology make today’s dealership look like the bridge of the Starship Enterprise? A better approach to technology is what dealers must demand, according to Shaun Harris, Sales Director at fintech experts Codeweavers, pointing out;  

“Just in the re-keying customer data from one system to another, dealers are wasting millions per year. The wider cost and damage to quality in terms of the customer experience will be significantly higher.”

Codeweavers analysis of dealer technology reveals that costs and agility are both suffering from technology and technology approaches that are not fit for purpose in 2018. A lack of leadership IT confidence and dated write-off policies are major factors in avoiding change, but the greatest barrier is that legacy technologies are often accompanied by legacy thinking in dealerships, OEMs and in tech suppliers.

As the market approaches GDPR in May, many dealers will have uncovered the vast amount of re-work their team has put in duplicating customer information down the years. The costs and friction associated with these technologies are significant. The route to success is the adoption of an app mentality with technology; if it stops working or is bettered by something else – ‘swipe & delete’.

“Dealers need to recognise that just like consumers, they should expect ‘good outcomes’ from their IT suppliers. Collaboration, not complacency, should be their expectation with technologies talking to one another and taking unwanted friction out of dealer processes and if their incumbent suppliers won’t change it’s time to ‘swipe & delete’ because more than ever there are better options out there.”

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