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Thursday, 15 March 2018
PFM, the leading US independent public sector financial adviser today announces the opening of its first UK office in London.  The firm, founded in the US in 1975, works exclusively for the benefit of public sector clients and has unrivalled expertise in managing assignments for US cities, states and public utilities.

PFM, ranked the number one US public sector financial adviser every year since 1998[i],has over 600 expert consultants in 38 states. Its clients include the City of New York, the State of California and the Cities of Chicago, New Orleans and Pittsburgh.

PFM has identified a significant requirement for high-quality independent financial advice amongst UK local authorities, who need to meet stringent budgets with reduced funding and invest prudently to support future infrastructure and improved services. PFM will apply its exceptional insight, gained on a broad range of US projects, to the challenges that UK local authorities face.

PFM’s UK office will focus initially on financial and advisory services. Its financial advisory services include debt restructuring, transaction management and bond pricing, credit strategies and capital planning. Its consultancy services encompass fiscal planning and budgeting, capital financing, organisational efficiency, policy programme effectiveness and workforce strategy and negotiation.

PFM is also launching its Whitebirch financial browser-based modelling technology in the UK. This software enables policy makers and finance teams in local government and higher education to model the impact of different policy decisions and plan budgets and capital expenditure.

PFM has particular expertise in supporting local authorities in financial distress to develop sustainable long term financial plans that ensure the viability of an authority and its services. PFM assisted City of New Orleans to deal with the calamitous financial impact of both Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita by introducing a ‘best practice’ financial methodology, “budgeting for outcomes”, to put the City back on its feet despite facing highly constrained revenues and significant challenges.

PFM also specialises in the higher education sector, supporting universities to develop strategic plans to address issues such as domestic and foreign student demand, pressure on tuition fees, diversification of revenue sources and improvements to facilities. PFM works with many US universities to access the capital markets in a responsible and cost-effective manner through optimisation of debt issuance, assistance with the credit rating process, transaction structuring and investor outreach.

June Matte, CEO of PFM, commented: “There is a clear need in the UK for high-quality independent financial advice that is tailored to specific public-sector issues.

“We work exclusively with and act as advocates for our clients in the public sector, drawing on 40 years’ experience as the leading US public sector financial adviser. We’re committed to applying this know-how and expertise to the unique challenges that UK local authorities face, such as managing stringent budgets and investing in future services. Our goal is to help local authorities find sustainable, long term solutions to their challenges.

“We’re really excited about our UK launch and believe that we can make a real difference to local authorities and the communities they serve.”

Christian Wall, Head of Local Government at PFM, commented: “UK local authorities face a number of financial pressures in the current climate. PFM brings extensive experience and a unique understanding of these pressures, which we believe make us well placed to help local authorities ensure they’re financially secure and able to deliver vital frontline services to the communities they serve.”

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