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Time to deliver on Brexit transition period, say small firms PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 06 March 2018
Responding to Theresa May’s speech on the UK’s future relationship with the EU at Mansion House this afternoon, Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) National Chairman Mike Cherry, who attended the speech, said:  “We welcome hearing the Prime Minister say the Government is doing what it can to encourage more small businesses to export not just to the EU but also around the world. To make Brexit a success small businesses must be at the heart of negotiations on the future economic partnership.

“We also welcomed her commitment to ensuring trade is low cost and "as frictionless as possible and with no hard border" in Ireland. Both the UK and the EU must have the shared goal of reaching an agreement which allows small businesses both in the UK and the EU 27 to flourish. That is why we are calling for both sides to take a pragmatic approach. All small business eyes will be on the forthcoming EU Council meeting to provide the certainty that small businesses urgently need.

“The Prime Minister set out five pillars that guide her in the negotiations. In response, there are five key questions small businesses need answered.

“The most pressing question is when will an agreement on the terms of the transition period be reached? This is vital to allow trade, access to labour and skills to continue on current terms while new trade arrangements are finalised.

“Secondly, with the Government’s call to boost free trade, will small businesses maintain as frictionless trade as possible with the EU27, whilst also benefiting from reaching out to new global growth markets? We cannot have a situation where small businesses are weighed down by additional burdensome paperwork, queues and costs.

“Third, will small businesses be able to have easy and cost effective access to the skills and talent they need to grow and innovate?

“Fourth, will small businesses and the self-employed be able to easily travel across all the EU 27 member states to win new contracts and do their day-to-day work?

“Finally, when powers are returned from Europe, will Government prioritise the needs of small businesses across all nations of the UK and remove unnecessary barriers to growth?

“Small businesses, as a group, now find themselves at the centre of the Brexit debate. Theresa May ended her speech by saying “let’s get on with it” – that’s a sentiment shared by small businesses as there is now an urgency for all sides to find the solutions that empower and strengthen the small business community and the many people they employ.”

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