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Friday, 23 February 2018
Longest running UK car insurance comparison site,, has teamed up with credit report, eligibility, and comparison specialists, TotallyMoney, to launch a free personalised credit card comparison tool. 

Customers need only submit a few details about themselves and their financial history before an eligibility score is calculated based on their personal credit circumstances.

The tool works by carrying out a soft search of the user’s credit history to show them how likely they are to be accepted for a credit card before completing an application.

Unlike a hard credit check, a soft search isn’t visible to lenders and doesn’t impact a person’s ability to get credit.

The service therefore not only allows customers to compare and apply for credit cards that offer the best rates, but also protects them from negatively affecting their credit rating in the process.

Now, customers are given a percentage of how likely they are to be accepted for particular credit cards before they apply.

The TotallyMoney service now available to customers provides a 360-degree view of the product’s suitability. The personalised Match Factor rankings make it easier for consumers to find the best credit product. Cards are ranked based on what’s genuinely best for the customer — not on the commission being paid.

Traditionally, those looking for a credit card relied solely on luck and guesswork whenever they applied, with little knowledge as to their likelihood of being accepted until a hard credit check had been completed.

The credit card comparison tool does away with the need for multiple hard credit checks and eradicates the visible credit-rating-damaging footprints they have traditionally left behind.

TotallyMoney CEO Alastair Douglas said: “Our mission has always been to help people get a better deal from the credit industry. And we believe that technology can bring about that change by empowering customers and challenging lenders.

“This tool is now available to more people, and takes us a step closer to our goal of a fairer consumer credit market.

“We’ve built a product that gives everyone the best possible chance to apply for credit cards they’re most likely to be accepted for — without negatively impacting their creditworthiness. We welcome the partnership with to offer this service to an even wider audience.”

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