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Monday, 12 February 2018
Cloud technologies are on the rise, but many users still have security concerns. How companies can enjoy the best of two worlds - comfortable mobility and maximum security. 

There are many reasons to switch to the cloud. Nevertheless, reservations are still very high. The idea of allowing data to leave the confines of their own four walls makes many IT pros shudder. But must safety be compromised for increased flexibility?

Trend to hybrid cloud solutions
"An important trend is the development of hybrid clouds, which are a combination of on premise solutions and cloud solutions. These systems offer an optimal combination of flexibility and security", says Sven Lindemann, CEO of Hanse Orga Group.

The integration of existing ERP systems is particularly facilitated by cloud applications and also by managed services. "Large companies often want to keep specific parts of their business in an ERP-integrated solution because they aim to maximize the result of ERP implementation. However, sometimes decentralized subsidiaries are involved that are not part of the existing ERP system. For these decentralized subsidiaries, however, high levels of cash transparency are essential, which lead to a strong demand for cloud technology", explains Lindemann.

More control and security - even with complex corporate structures

Hanse Orga Group has focused heavily on SAP-integrated solutions in the past because they delivered the best results for customers. "However, we are seeing more and more global payments projects where large companies are setting up or integrating new affiliates using other systems. The payment transactions of these subsidiaries then have to be monitored as quickly as possible," says Lindemann.

It is crucial that both solutions work together seamlessly and without complicated interfaces. This way one user can choose to enter a manual payment via the cloud while another user makes a payment through the ERP system. Both can see what other users are doing and both systems have the same set of data. Since 2017, cloud payment specialist Tembit Software has been part of the Hanse Orga Group in order to support the company with its know-how in cloud technologies.

"Fraud prevention, compliance and centralization are important issues on the market right now. In many cases, organizations have to deal with a large number of banks in an even larger number of countries. We can also optimize payments based on bank charges - for example, if you have an agreement that Bank A receives 60% of your payments and Bank B 40%, our system can automatically measure and make payments to one of the two banks in accordance with the existing contract. In addition to the functionalities of a hybrid payment cloud, which can be flexibly adapted to individual corporate requirements, we can also offer managed services so that individual areas can be outsourced. Our managed services also include fraud prevention, fraud detection, fraud monitoring and compliance services", says Lindemann.

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