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Wednesday, 20 December 2017
Despite the poor start this year in pre-Christmas trading*, a new survey has found that most Brits expect to spend more money this year on family, food and festive fun. The survey also revealed where people were likely to spend the most on average:

1. London - £665
2. Newcastle - £655
3. Cardiff - £632
4. Belfast - £628
5. Plymouth - £626
6. Liverpool - £606
7. Glasgow - £550
8. Manchester - £536
9. Southampton - £526
10. Edinburgh - £519
11. Norwich - £514
12. Nottingham - £491
13. Leeds - £490
14. Bristol - £478
15. Birmingham - £476
16. Sheffield - £448
17. Brighton - £413

The report, conducted for award-winning online lender Lending Stream by Opinium Research, found that Londoners anticipate the largest increase in what they spend, while Scots are actually expecting to spend less than last year.

The survey, which polled more than 2000 adults also found that Londoners expect to spend the most (average of £665), followed by people in Newcastle (£655); Cardiff (£632) and Belfast (£629).

In terms of festive food consumption, Brighton families are the most likely to spend the largest proportion of their budget on food, versus Belfast, which had the lowest proportional spend on food.

Mark Fiander, Vice President of Marketing at Lending Stream says: “We wanted to find out more about spending habits at Christmas, as it’s an expensive time for many people. The survey shows some interesting regional trends in Christmas expenditure and with current economic conditions, it seems Christmas isn’t getting any cheaper.

“We would, of course, advise consumers to plan their spending very carefully. Our survey also found that people in Sheffield, London and Newcastle are most likely to go into their overdraft which can be one of the most expensive ways to borrow.”

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