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Wednesday, 13 September 2017
Connect for Intermediaries has today teamed up with Knowledge Bank. Connect will provide access to Knowledge Bank for all of its Appointed Representatives and other supporting brokers across both its network and packaging arm, and is the first packager or network to do so.  

Knowledge Bank is the UK’s first criteria search system. It launched officially just last week, but has been in operation for over a year and is already radically changing the way that mortgage advisers find the right lender for their clients. It provides advisers with the ability to search lenders’ criteria in seconds at just the touch of a button.

Teaming up with Knowledge Bank will provide a huge amount of added value to the mortgage advisers working with Connect, as it will help them to streamline the way they search for the right mortgage and saving them potentially hours of time that can be spent with other clients.

Advisers using Connect will be the first in the country to also have access to a range of specialist lenders including bridging and commercial. They will be able to search multiple criteria in one search, with results clearly displaying which lenders will lend against one or more of the categories searched for.

Connect’s advisers will be able to search more than 18,000 different criteria across more than 43 lenders in just seconds across the following mortgage types:

· Residential mortgages
· Buy-to-let
· Second charges
· Equity release
· Bridging
· Commercial

It is also good tool for compliance, as all search results can be saved as a PDF or printed out. They will be automatically time and date stamped with the broker’s name and verified by lenders. Results can then be saved as ‘evidence of research’ alongside product sourcing results, supporting a broker’s recommendation to their client.

Liz Syms, CEO of Connect for Intermediaries, says, “Technology plays an increasingly vital part for mortgage advisers and Connect is working hard to ensure that we remain at the cutting edge. Our collaboration with Knowledge Bank will help our advisers to streamline the process of checking which lender allows which criteria, saving them potentially hours to spend with other clients and increasing their incomes accordingly. Connect advisers are in the unique position of also being the first brokers in the country to be able to search the criteria of a range of specialist mortgages including bridging and commercial products. These are currently being uploaded and will be live within the week.”

Nicola Firth, CEO of Knowledge Bank and its parent company Compass Systems, says, “Connect stands out as a packager and a network that constantly works to put its advisers at the heart of what they do. Knowledge Bank has also been designed to put advisers first and make their lives easier. It will help to give the advisers who use it an edge over their competitors by freeing up their time to see more clients, potentially increasing their profits and improving their compliance.”

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