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Monday, 11 September 2017
What are good indicators of a company's growth? So far, there are only assumptions about this, but there is no real blueprint for growth. For the first time, these growth factors are mapped out scientifically using data science. The Dutch University of Data Science, JADS (Jheronimus Academy of Data Science) and corporate information specialist Graydon will work together on this. 

"During their life cycle, some companies experience enormous growth. But there are also companies that more or less remain the same size over the years," says Arjan van den Born of JADS. "There seems to be no blueprint for success or growth. Even now - after more than a century in which science has focused heavily on what the success factors of entrepreneurship are - there is still no clear, foolproof growth model."

"We have partnered with JADS because we want to investigate the key elements of successful organisations," explains Rob Veneboer, COO of Graydon. “Why do they grow? What do these companies do differently? What are the similarities between them? Do they invest a lot? Do they better understand customer demand or potential in the market, thanks to the use of smart data?"

New data science techniques for more precise predictions
To answer these questions, data scientists from Graydon and JADS develop new models based on big data that can explain and even predict the growth of companies. In addition, the latest data science insights and applications are used to improve the predictive power of available business models.

Where up to now business growth was the most important factor for success, we will now look at previously inaccessible data - such as unstructured data from websites - to get new variables and insights. This takes place using state-of-the-art techniques such as scraping, natural language processing and machine learning. Furthermore, the partnership between Graydon and JADS also aims to identify completely new, potentially valuable data collection areas.

"We believe that the way information flows are handled is of great importance in the performance of your organisation," says Veneboer, "that is also why we make both resources and knowledge available for scientific research. Graydon is always looking for partnerships to work together on solutions and information that make the business world stronger."

The cooperation between Graydon and JADS will intensify step by step. Each following step will be taken based on the results achieved. Arjan van den Born of JADS: "Graydon is a leading provider of business information. Moreover, we share the same ambition, to help companies and the economy grow using data and insights."

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