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Friday, 08 September 2017
A Nottinghamshire SME is on track for expansion with the support of their new Invoice Finance partner Regency Factors. On board to support this SME, Regency has delivered a £1.2 million facility. With combined experience of over 40 years in all aspects of lightning protection and earthing systems, our client installs, tests and maintains lightning protection and earthing systems across various sectors of industry such as hotels and police stations.  

Headquartered in Beeston, our client was seeking a provider who had a strong understanding of their business model and future growth requirements. As they felt that they had outgrown their previous provider, they had already given notice to their incumbent provider and needed a financier who could work quickly to the deadline. Our team worked together to tailor a package that would help the organisation reach its business growth aspirations.

Commenting on their new finance arrangements the Managing Director said 'The business has been growing strongly and we needed to ensure that we could have a reliable cashflow to satisfy demand with a financier who could see the value in the business and was committed to getting a facility in place in the time required'

Corporate Sales Laura Ramsden noted 'Communication was key to provide the correct solution to the business and in a timely manner, the close relationship we built with the team during this process allowed this to happen. Payment in 60-90 days is typical within this sector and Regency stepped up to provide a substantial working capital facility, with headroom available to fund their growth expectations'

Regency Managing Director Maurice Craft felt that UK businesses would do well to look at alternative funding solutions, such as factoring and invoice discounting facilities, “Access to funding is still difficult and the Government-backed schemes do not appear to be having as positive an impact at local level as wished for.”

We are a leading alternative finance provider giving the UK's SMEs the accessible funding they need to succeed. What makes us different is we have a real appetite to lend and work closely with businesses across all sectors to provide a fast, flexible and tailored solution suited to their cashflow needs.

Regency Factors is fully committed to supporting SMEs across the UK, by providing a comprehensive range of finance solutions that are innovative, flexible and responsible. Our products include invoice, asset, construction, recruitment and trade finance.

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