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Monday, 20 March 2017
Scottish television personality, Gail Porter, is hoping to raise awareness of how personal debt affects people by sharing her own experiences of struggling with money.    

Acting as an ambassador alongside Creditfix, the UK’s largest personal insolvency practice, Gail wants to tell her own story in an effort to encourage others suffering silently with debt to come forward and seek help.

Gail shared some of her experiences in a video to launch her role as an ambassador: “Often the problem with debt is you can be too proud, scared or just don’t know where to turn. There is such a negative stigma associated with personal debt that those in that situation have been frivolous and just wasted money, this is not the case.

“I had been married and gone through a divorce and just couldn’t keep up with payments, my reaction to this was a common one, fear, but my actions were the wrong ones - just stuffing the bills under the bed and burying my head in the sand.

“You think that hiding the debt will make everything ok, it will turn all turn out ok the end and be fine. This isn’t the case and in the long run, just makes the situation worse. Having been through this, I would encourage anyone who feels scared to reach out for support, whether that is through friends and family or professional help.”

Pearse Flynn, CEO of Creditfix, added: “Gail is an extraordinary person and whilst she may be well known and popular with the public, her story, sadly, is a very common one.

“My hope is that Gail having the bravery to share her personal experiences will give thousands of people the confidence to open up and talk to a close friend or family member about their own personal debt issues.”

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