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Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council launches new trade platform to boost UK growth PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 21 February 2017
A new business and trade platform designed to increase trade between the UK and the rest of the Commonwealth will launch in London on Wednesday 22nd  February, 2017.  

The Maritime Connects Initiative has been designed to bring companies from across the Commonwealth together on a members-only digital platform to form new business relationships and showcase their products and services across a global market.

The initiative has been established to help drive economic growth in the UK and throughout the Commonwealth’s 52 member countries, representing 1/3 of the world’s population and combined GDP of $10.4 trillion. The commonality of shared interests contributes to a 19% saving in doing business throughout the 52 countries involved.

The interactive business platform will boost business-to-business trade between the UK and the rest of the Commonwealth by enabling companies to identify and network with potential new customers, suppliers and partners across key global industry sectors, including professional and financial services, manufacturing, wholesale and retail.

Members can take advantage of sophisticated business matching technology, which will automatically provide them with targeted business leads based on their user profile information. Using automated lead generations tools, member companies will be free to begin using the platform once it officially goes live on the 23rd February, 2017.

The initiative establishes a market-leading collaboration platform for UK domiciled growth businesses. The shared use of English as a common language, and the similarity of legal and financial systems in the 52 countries will give British businesses a head start.

A number of companies from across the Commonwealth and beyond, including Barclays Bank, UPS, and Tata Communications have already joined the initiative as Commercial Partners.

The initiative will be launched on Wednesday 22nd February, 2017 at a Reception at the House of Commons. Speaking ahead of the launch, Pierre Proner, Chief Executive of AMPP Group, said: “The Commonwealth presents unique opportunities to UK exporters seeking to grow their businesses internationally. The Maritime Connects initiative leverages the latest technology to rapidly accelerate the growth of UK exports and investment across 52 Commonwealth markets.

With the aim of driving economic growth, job creation and prosperity, the initiative is centred around AMPP’s sophisticated business matching algorithm which will allow organisations to tap into targeted business leads, industry insight and emerging and current business opportunities.”

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