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Wednesday, 30 November 2016
Bureau van Dijk, the leading provider of company information, has teamed up with RepRisk, a leading provider of business intelligence on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks. As a result of this partnership, from today, Orbis, Bureau van Dijk’s database of more than 200 million companies worldwide, will offer access to ESG risk metrics and analytics from the RepRisk ESG Risk Platform, the world’s most comprehensive database on ESG risks. In addition, Bureau van Dijk will soon be making RepRisk ESG risk data available through its risk-related Catalysts – platforms that speed up and enhance decision-making in credit and supplier risk, compliance, and onboarding. 

Users will be able to use the RepRisk Index (RRI), which quantifies reputational risk exposure related to ESG issues on a scale from 0 to 100, as well as its RepRisk Rating (RRR), which combines company-specific ESG risks and country-sector ESG risks, with scores from AAA to D. This information will be particularly powerful when viewed in the context of Bureau van Dijk’s corporate ownership structures.

RepRisk screens over 80,000 third-party sources in 15 languages and curates daily updated ESG risk information on any company, sector and country. From onboarding clients to vetting supply chain members, these risk analytics will give Bureau van Dijk customers the ability to conduct business with an enhanced level of clarity, transparency and confidence.

“In today’s business climate, there is a growing demand for information on environmental, social and governance reputational risk,” said Louise Green, Bureau van Dijk’s global marketing director. “RepRisk is an industry leader in the field of dynamic ESG risk analytics and metrics whose data complements our own extensive combination of financial, compliance, sanctions and risk-related information and gives our users the ability to make better-informed business decisions with a greater degree of certainty.”

“RepRisk is proud that its ESG risk analytics and metrics are integrated into the Orbis database,” said Alexandra Mihailescu Cichon, Head of sales and marketing at RepRisk. “Additionally, Bureau van Dijk customers who would like to dig deeper into a given company’s ESG risk, will have the opportunity to order an in-depth report prepared by RepRisk.”

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