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Tuesday, 11 October 2016
Commenting on the landmark new P2P Oxera Report being discussed at today’s LendIt Conference, Kevin Caley, Founder and Chairman of ThinCats, said:  “It’s been ten years since peer-to-peer lending first opened up a market historically only available to banks and large institutions, giving retail investors the ability to lend directly to businesses and individuals, and revolutionising alternative finance in the UK.

“For all its success, there remain number of challenges that the industry and its regulators need to address, and this report captures the sincere effort made by the eight members of the P2PFA to overcome these challenges, and cement the innovative lending model as a mainstream investment proposition in the UK. In so doing, the Oxera Report provides a candid view of the economic impact of peer-to-peer lending, the risks associated with investing, the extent to which investors are aware of these risks, and goes some way to debunk many of the myths and misunderstandings that have stuck to the sector over the years.

“It highlights the many innovative approaches to managing risk and return, and varying levels of intermediation in the platform design. ThinCats was the second platform to launch in the UK, and is proud to still champion many of the features that attracted early investors. These include the autonomy to pick individual loans and to bid through an auction to achieve the best platform market rate, with loan security and a trusted sponsor network ensuring loan quality.

"After almost five years, ThinCats investors continue to receive high average returns in excess of 7%*, and I hope the findings of this report contribute to the groundswell of support for a sector that is now well and truly coming of age."

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