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Monday, 10 October 2016
When Freedman Products Ltd searched for a reliable and cost effective BACS solution that would continue to facilitate direct debits from customers, Data Interchange’s SmarterPay solution stood out. 

“We were immediately attracted to the competitive pricing of the SmarterPay solution, and what really stood out for us was the free trial period which allowed us to make a more informed decision about whether we wanted to switch to SmarterPay permanently,” said Alex Freedman of Freedman Products, a franchised dealer of Aquaid, which specialises in supplying water systems such as mains-fed and bottle-fed coolers, water fountains and boilers to UK businesses.

SmarterPay is the BACS-approved funds transfer solution from Data Interchange, designed to make paying staff and suppliers, collecting customer payments and receiving membership subscriptions easier. The system is ideal for any business looking to set up and make BACS direct debit and direct credit payments.

Freedman Products was prompted to find a new BACS solution when, without warning, the cost of the annual licence for its existing BACS system from another supplier was increased dramatically. Freedman Products’ requirement was simple: a reliable and cost-effective BACS solution that would continue to facilitate direct debits from customers.

Differentiating itself from other water cooler companies, the award-winning Aquaid has cultivated partnerships with a number of high profile charities over the years, initially supporting Christian Aid and then diversifying its charitable involvement further when it became affiliated with both Pump Aid and The Africa Trust. This unwavering commitment to charity has seen Aquaid donate the staggering sum of £10 million to third world water projects. Freedman Products began using direct debits to collect payments from customers in mid-2004 to cope with the increasing demand for its products. Commenting on the move to direct debits, Maggi Langton, Senior Administrator at Freedman Products, said: “Being able to standardise customer payments using direct debit was a good thing for us to do, because it saves us a lot time arranging for customer payments to be made.”

Freedman Products was delighted at how straightforward it was to setup SmarterPay. Freedman Products was immediately assigned to a specialist at Data Interchange who listened to their specific business requirements and before making a recommendation on how best to proceed. Data Interchange’s professional services team were then brought in to help Freedman Products’ administration team to integrate SmarterPay with their accounting software, Sage Accounts 50.

Maggi Langton was particularly impressed with the Data Interchange’s professional services team. She said: “Everyone was so helpful and really listened to what we needed. It was great not to be shoe-horned into an existing solution or pressured to spend money on additional functionality we didn’t require.”

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