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Thursday, 25 August 2016
The universities that produce the most millionaire alumni in the world have been revealed by Elite Traveler and leading wealth consultancy company WealthInsight.  

In a survey commissioned by Spear’s Magazine, the research shows that universities located in the UK produce the second highest number of millionaire alumni, with six universities making the top fifty.

University of Oxford comes in fourth place, beating University of Cambridge in eleventh, while University of London (12), London School of Economics (31) and Imperial College (50) also make the list.

The University of Manchester is among the best fifty universities in the world for producing millionaire alumni, ranking in thirty-seventh position.

Overall the United States dominates the list, with thirty-one of the top fifty universities for producing millionaire alumni being based in the country.

Harvard University tops the list as number one producer of millionaires, followed by the University of Pennsylvania (2), Stanford University (3), University of Oxford (4), and the University of California, Berkeley (5).

Australia follows behind the UK with four universities, including two in Melbourne and two in Sydney.

Mexico and Ireland both made the list with Instituto Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM) at number thirty-six and Trinity College at forty seven.

Commenting on the findings, Head of WealthInsight, Oliver Williams said: “Though the US far outnumbers the UK by sheer volume of millionaires, ranking second on this list by number of institutions is telling of the prowess that the UK’s universities have globally.

“Oxford and Cambridge are household names for academic brilliance the world over, and while not all their graduates go onto earn their millions, these universities do provide fertile recruiting grounds for some of the world’s leading corporations.

Below find twenty of the top fifty universities for producing millionaire alumni.

1 Harvard University USA Cambridge

2 University of Pennsylvania USA Philadelphia

3 Stanford University USA Stanford

4 Oxford University UK Oxford

5 University of California, Berkeley USA Berkeley

6 University of Texas USA Austin

7 Cornell University USA Ithaca

8 Princeton University USA Princeton

9 Yale University USA New Haven

10 University of Michigan USA Ann Arbor

11 Cambridge University UK Cambridge

12 University of London UK London

13 California State University USA Los Angeles

14 Ecole Polytechnique France Palaiseau

15 New York University USA New York

16 Columbia University USA New York

17 Massachusetts Institute of Technology USA Boston

18 Southern California University USA Los Angeles

19 Dartmouth College USA Hanover

20 University of Wisconsin USA Madison

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