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Monday, 18 July 2016
In a summer of sporting fixtures, headlined by Rio 2016, UK business leaders would do well to take a closer look at those on the winners’ podium over the coming weeks and months. They could learn from the top achievers and transfer the techniques used by our top sportspeople to their own staff to create a winning team.

This is the view of Sheena Walker, a former competitive swimmer and Team GB coach for the Special Olympics who is now an executive trainer and international public speaker.

Sheena says “There are some very simple strategies that can help businesses to get the best from their teams. This can be achieved by taking some pointers from professional sports men and women.

“It starts with the mindset to perform. Our top sport people understand how to optimise their skills and the need to strive to be the best. We can take the same principles and apply them to the workplace to create corporate athletes who achieve again and again.

“Clearly even world class athletes don’t always succeed, so it’s also important to understand the techniques to help team members manage situations when things don’t go to plan. This is what I call bounce back principles to support challenges and disappointments and to turn them into learning experiences so that rather than an obstacles, the bounce back technique creates ways of clearing any hurdles and clear the track to achieve success.”

Sheena, who after leaving competitive swimming studied Business Studies at the University of Stirling, uses her experience and expertise by working with businesses around the UK to deliver Olympic winning strategies in the corporate boardroom. Sheena also takes to the podium herself, to speak around the world.

EG Sebastian Company Director says, “ If you want to bring some champion –habits to your employees, Sheena is definitely the person.

Her unique experience with coaching Olympic Athletes’, combined with her management and business background, will inspire and educate you or your employees to want to achieve more, and the beauty of it is that Sheena also provides you the “ How –to-the tools – to help one become more productive & achieve more. I highly recommend Sheena to give your company the competitive edge “

Sheena concludes, “As the sports schedule continues to unfold this summer, I would encourage business leaders to consider how they can emulate sporting success in their own staff. I want to see Team GB win medals on the corporate stage, as well as the sporting arena.”

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