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Linedata Exchange: Lending & leasing sectors must embrace disruptive mobile technology PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 07 July 2016
Over 150 financial and IT industry specialists attended the annual Linedata Exchange Europe conference in London, debating the impacts of technology and a changing consumer base on the lending and leasing sectors. 

Bertrand Cocagne, Head of Product at Linedata Lending & Leasing, the global solutions provider dedicated to the credit industry, urged the audience of business leaders to recognise the significance of mobility, and to embrace their customers’ desire for fully immersive, mobile-enabled buying journeys.

“Today, we are missing opportunities to create genuine connections, build loyalty and drive conversion rates. Mobile applications for augmented reality, near field communication (NFC) and shareable data capture already exist: lending and leasing organisations should be using this technology, both remotely and at point of sale, to elevate the customer experience and reflect the way that people interact with the world through their mobile devices”, said Bertrand Cocagne.

“The radical technology of tomorrow already exists. By 2020, there will be 34 billion connected devices seamlessly woven into our everyday interactions. Lending and leasing organisations can ensure that they stay relevant to their customers by appreciating trends in mobility and placing themselves in the centre of the conversation.”

“It is not long until, for example, a car buying journey will begin with a camera app recognising and providing purchase information from a photograph, progressing to a point of sale experience which includes augmented reality for various options and settings. Data stored on a mobile device can then be seamlessly fed into the dealership’s system to determine finance costs while the sales representative and customer can collaboratively input key information via shared mobile apps. At each stage of the process, the customer is in control and the journey is elevated through the use of a mobile device. It is the organisations which seize these opportunities that will flourish in the mobile age.”

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