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Monday, 04 July 2016
The average Brit spends up to four hours per day watching television and latest research suggests that they’re using the shows they watch to help make their career choices. Over half of UK workers (53.9%) would use a reality TV show, such as Traffic Cops, to decide whether or not they’d like to work in a profession.

The news comes from CV-Library, the UK’s leading independent job site, which conducted a survey of over 2,000 workers to uncover the impact reality TV shows have on their respective industries. The findings revealed that the majority (59%) of people believe that these programmes give a realistic insight into an industry, with a staggering 70.5% of workers believing that these kinds of shows are beneficial to the profession they represent. Hit TV show, Traffic Cops, was deemed as one of the most valuable shows, with 38.2% of candidates believing it was beneficial to the policing sector.

Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library, comments: “There are so many external factors that influence an individual’s career choices, and the growth of profession-based reality TV series, like Traffic Cops, provide a new way to learn more about a particular industry. While this can benefit organisations in some sectors, it can be harmful to others, as some of these shows might be scripted or over-dramatised for the cameras, providing candidates with a false portrayal of what it’s like to work there.”

To understand the impact individual shows have had on their industries, respondents ranked how beneficial or damaging certain shows have been to their respective professions:

Most Beneficial TV Series

The Great British Bake-off – 41.3%
Pet Rescue – 40.2%
Traffic Cops - 38.2%
Masterchef - 38.2%
One Born Every Minute - 34.9%

Most Damaging TV Series

Hotel Hell - 43.8%
The Apprentice - 40.1%
Kitchen Nightmares - 31.8%
Educating Yorkshire/Essex - 22%
Cops with Cameras - 21.1%

However, key findings reveal confusion within the policing sector, with competing show, Cops with Cameras, being viewed as damaging to the sector.

Biggins concludes: “Attracting professionals to into the public sector is already a struggle in the UK, so discovering that some shows can have a negative impact on recruitment is another potential set-back for employers. When considering career options, it’s important that workers use a range of resource to get a healthy picture of the industry they’re considering – reality TV shows alone are not an accurate assessment tool. Equally, employers must combat the negative stigma associated with certain industry-focused TV shows to help candidates see the real profession, not the dramatised version.”

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