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Wednesday, 01 June 2016
EasySource, Brightstar’s state-of-the-art sourcing system has today gone live, sponsored by Shawbrook Bank who played an active part in its development.  

The system has been two years in the making, but has been developed to revolutionise the way that brokers search for loans and mortgages. EasySource is specialist sourcing made easy, making it possible to search across different product types for the very first time.

EasySource is so much more than “just” a sourcing system however, it also includes an intelligent case management and tracking system, which provides real time case tracking, intuitive tracking alerts as well as case milestones. It will record every key stroke, providing a full audit trail – even telephone calls will be attached to the client file. This will provide absolute clarity to both the intermediary and their client of what is happening with their application at any given time. EasySource also includes a messaging facility so the intermediary can get in touch with the Brightstar helpdesk.

EasySource was launched last week on the 29th floor of the prestigious Millbank Tower, where key movers and shakers of the specialist mortgage market were wowed with stunning views across London and a demonstration of this next generation technology.

EasySource’s ground breaking technology will make it easy for intermediaries to identify the most appropriate solution for their clients across a diverse range of product categories and specialist lenders. The product types will include specialist mortgages, complex buy-to-let, bridging loans, second charge loans and commercial finance. The system is fast intelligent and secure and can be used from any device or operating system.

The initial questions asked of the broker will uniquely include details of the existing mortgage rate, monthly payments and the remaining term plus any early repayment charges and fees. EasySource takes all of that information to show the overall cost for comparison for both remortgage and second charge options, which is completely unique amongst sourcing systems.

The ethos behind Brightstar’s EasySource system is to make it easy for intermediaries to offer more specialist forms of finance to their clients and compare costs between the different product types, for example EasySource will offer a cost comparison between a capital raising remortgage or a second charge loan; or between a bridging or commercial loan if appropriate. Intermediaries can carry out multiple searches having entered the client’s information just once; with no re-keying necessary. This will provide an overview of alternative product categories whilst also providing evidence of research, which will be archived on the EasySource system.

Once a product has been selected, the broker will receive a tailored list of information required by the given lender, including the ability to upload and download documents into and from their own system. In addition, it will pre-populate an ESIS with any information submitted, enabling the intermediary to export the ESIS to their own client file along with the full case audit.

Finally, because things change so quickly and education is therefore so important, EasySource will also provide rewards, driving knowledge and helping to achieve positive outcomes. The site will act as a learning resource, providing intermediaries with the opportunity to learn more about different product types. The more an intermediary learns, the more they will earn, with the opportunity to receive retail gift vouchers, experiences and some of the latest gadgets.

Rob Jupp, chief executive of Brightstar says, “We have worked on this technology for over two years with the aim of transforming the way that brokers work. Brightstar’s revolutionary new EasySource application is a multi-modular platform which looks at all available options for a client and provides intermediaries with better, more transparent outcomes every time. With this system I truly believe that we are leading the way and shaping the future of specialist finance.

“For the very first time intermediaries will be able to search across multiple product types and compare prices. They will have everything that the FCA needs to provide evidence of research, including near misses, but it will also be immensely practical providing real time updates and access to real human beings to talk things through with – both at Brightstar and at the lenders.”

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