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PUSH delivery comes to the fore in latest report from Billentis PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 27 May 2016
PUSH delivery of multilayered PDFs is becoming the predominant way to e-invoice across Europe.  

According to the ‘E-invoicing / E-billing 2016’ report from Billentis, PUSH delivery of invoices has emerged as a mainstream process as businesses of all sizes look to address their full customer bases.

This represents a shift away from e-invoicing based on Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), which has been the focus of previous Billentis reports.

Mike Wright, founder and CEO of global paperless specialist, Striata, one of the report’s participants, said: “Over the last few years, the annual reports have shown a concentration on B2B e-invoicing that has evolved from EDI.

“This totally paperless method required both the sender and the recipient to have integrated systems because many e-invoicing pioneers wanted to move directly from paper to data, missing out the intermediate stages along the way.

“At the time, the idea of sending a PDF by email was not accepted as ‘true’ e-invoicing. Now, this is becoming the norm, as small and mid-sized businesses adopt multilayered PDF as a stepping-stone from paper to fully automated straight-through-processing.”

The adoption of e-billing portals for consumers has plateaued and this year’s report suggests that take up of PUSH delivery fills the 'paperless gap' of both businesses and consumers.

“Instead of insisting on data connections to a particular network, bigger businesses are now accepting multilayered PDF as a channel,” said Mr Wright.

“This in turn is making the e-invoicing networks add PDF processing capabilities to their core competencies.

“I believe that every company should provide its vendors with a dedicated email address for the delivery of invoices.

“Email received at that address would be processed according to the same rules as data received and multilayered PDFs would be perfectly acceptable.”

Striata’s client list includes National Grid, which has seen 20 per cent of its US customers switch to paperless e-bills, reducing delivery costs by an average of 70 per cent per customer.

In the UK, Striata works with Barclays, Shop Direct and CHEP.

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