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Wednesday, 27 April 2016
Using your phone abroad in Europe this summer will be massively cheaper than before. 

April 30th, 2016 represents a momentous date for British tourists holidaying in Europe.

After this date, Brits can holiday in Europe safe in the knowledge that when we return home, the memories and relaxation of a lovely holiday won’t be ruined by a letter from our mobile network informing us that we have used the precious commodity of “data” on our holidays, and as such have a whopping great bill to pay.

Ahead of being phased out completely in the summer of 2017, mobile roaming charges have been drastically reduced and capped by the European Commission, as of the end of April. Charges for calls, texts and that historic mobile network cash-cow - checking the weather back home via your mobile’s Internet, will now only lead to an additional fee of around 25% on top of what you would pay for using your mobile domestically.

Whilst these long-overdue price reductions may be cause for a few more summer sangrias, we could probably also pay a hefty chunk towards flights for our annual holidays as well, if we weren’t collectively paying hundreds of millions more than we need to for our mobile phone contracts.

Don’t waste hundreds paying for a mobile phone you already own.

At Onedox, we’ve found that approximately 60% of out of contract customers can save an average of £240 a year if they moved to a SIM-only deal.*

The problem is, many people don’t realise they are out of contract and could save so much money, so they carry on paying the same amount as before. By linking your mobile phone account to Onedox, we will automatically alert you as soon as you are due a handset upgrade or your contract is coming up for expiry, so you can either get a new handset or save hundreds a year on your mobile bill.

Onedox Co-Founder David Sheridan said: “My mobile contract expired in December - a fact I only knew because my Onedox account automatically alerted me. If I had done nothing, my bills would have continued to be £40 a month even though by then, I had paid for the handset. Simply by calling up my network and telling them I wanted a SIM-only deal, I immediately reduced my monthly bill by £24 a month.

If I go on holiday abroad this summer, between knowing my contract expiry date and paying less to check the Euro 2016 football scores on my mobile phone, I’ll be saving over £300 on mobile phone bills versus last year”.

Onedox provides a free service to combat the fact that household bills are a pain to manage and are more expensive than they should be. It allows customers to see all household bills conveniently in one account, automatically receive contract expiry reminders and help UK consumers to switch and save hundreds of pounds each year.

*Based on a sample of 369 mobile plans, 25% of customers are outside of their minimum contract term, of which 60% can save an average of £240 each per year by switching to a £20 SIM only no minimum term contract, such as the unlimited calls, texts and Internet plan with Giff Gaff available at 25th April 2016.

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